Andrew Youngman - Celebration of Life
Andrew Youngman - Celebration of Life

Your Invitation to God's Celebration

We are forever grateful that Andrew had accepted the invitation that God has graciously offered each one of us - to spend eternity with Jesus, the Son of God, in celebration of His glory and His kingdom. It is our prayer that each one visiting this site and those who knew Andrew will also accept the invitation through a personal relationship with Jesus Chirst.


Below is a link to a message from Dr. Wes Feltner, Lead Pastor at Berean Baptist Church. The parable of the wedding feast found in Matthew is a perfect continuation of what Andrew wants each of you to know. Be certain to listen in it's entirety. You will either accept or deny God's invitation - which will you choose? We look forward to celebrating for eternity along side Andrew. The party will not be boring! Are you in?


Matthew 22:1-14 - The Parable of the Wedding Feast

vs. 8 - "The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find."

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